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Easy File & Folder Protector 5.1

Easy File & Folder Protector protects files and folders situated on local media
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Easy File and Folder Protector is an access control and security tool for Windows based operating systems. The program enables you to protect any file or folder with a password. You can also use the program with multiple user accounts.

Usually in an office, multiple users can access a single PC. In such case you can password protect your private files or folders to save your work progress or for privacy. You can also set access time for other users to your protected data. For example, you can allow all users to access your private data during the office hours, and after that your data will become inaccessible and the user will need a password to gain access to it.

You can also restrict Internet access from your PC with a single click using this application. The program uses advanced high-reliability VXD drivers at Windows kernel level to protect your data and never harm your system and data files.

Even an attempt to uninstall Easy File and Folder Protector from your PC to access your private files will be useless. The master password is required to remove the application from your PC, even if using any application remover or uninstaller.

Easy File and Folder Protector is no doubt a powerful, easy to use and a must have data protector tool for home and office use.

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  • You can set access time and date to the locked file for other users


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